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Art For The Day

February 5th, 2007 @ 21:30
Posted by: Administrator

London-based designer Stuart Haygarth knows how to turn mass amounts of trash into awe-inspiring treasure. With training in design and photography, Haygarth conceived of the Tide Chandelier while collecting debris that had washed up on the shores of the Kent coastline. The enormous light fixture, measuring nearly five feet in diameter, is composed of a cornucopia of clear plastic refuse, from water bottles to sunglasses.

The Tide Chandelier gets is name from its spherical shape, a reference to the moon, whose tidal pull creates the waves that wash up the debris. The mass of plastic objects hangs delicately from monofilament lines suspended from above by a wooden “platform.” Haygarth’s lighting designs are inspired by collections of “banal and overlooked” objects, which, when amassed in large quantities in clever arrangements, take on a new beauty and stunning visual impact.

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