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August 14th, 2007 @ 22:14
Posted by: Administrator

Leonardo glass cube

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    • Administrator : ...I meant aren't listed. I'm going to go into some old posts and see if they are there. I doubt it. That's one thing these major attacks can do, delete accounts and set themselves up as admin. But I have a backup, would have to figure out how to do a partial restore of just comments.
    • Administrator : go to Users and notice that my old account isn't listed. That's a problem because those comments are listed.
    • Administrator : I hit the button at the top left, next to author and that selects all the comments listed on that page. Then mark as spam as a bulk action.
    • Renee : I've been getting rid of some too. Do you have a shortcut?
    • Administrator : 50 pages of 20 removed, 340 more pages of 20 to remove. I'm trying to drag this topic out to fill up the shoutbox so it looks more normal.
    • Administrator : to clarify.... I've deleted a thousand spams which is 50 pages and there's 340 more to go. Anybody who wants to go in there and help earse spam comments, please do.
    • Renee : holy moly.
    • Administrator : I've delete over a thousand and there's 340 more pages to go.
    • Administrator : I[m frying up the spam
    • Renee : are you working on the spam?
    • Administrator : working!
    • Administrator : testing the spam-free Live Shoutbox
    • Pierre : Your shoutbox is blank. Add a message!

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